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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Tina, you fat lard, come get some dinner!

All I ever seem to hear anymore is "Rick, your message sucks"

Its almost to the point of haunting me...

Well yes, Im sitting with Sam in the SCC Computer Lab trying to kill some time, and I just told her about my stupid little fling last night. Still dont know if that was safe or a good idea, but some depression makes people do the strangest things. I dont know, I just dont like the way things are at all. Sam's in a relationship (sad as it may be) [Shut up, Rick.... I'll stab your hand with the pencil again. You know I will], Garrett is in a relationship, David and Jackson always have flings going. So yeah, I just feel a little left out. That and for some reason Jesse and I were slightly less then fufilling.
So I ran across this guys Screen Name and decided "what the hell?", if he's a stalker... ill sick Sam on his ass. Sam gives the "hes pretty" approval, now I just have to ask if its alright for her to interview him. Should be a good test, because first off if my best friend dosnt give her approval, then hes not worth it. And if he cant stand / is scared by her, then it would never work. Now all men fear Sam. How does Nathan do it? Poor boy.
So yeah, after the interview, comes a date... I hope at least. I've got my cell working for internet service and am hoping he signs on before he goes to school, or whenever realy. Thats what he gets for not having to go to school until 11:30, bah reminds me of the first week of school. So yeah, we were up until midnight talking so I'm just a wee bit tired.

Rant rant rant, dribble dribble dribble
I'm way out of practice of keeping a journal.
That an no flashy colors in this entry, maybe I will add them later.

This is Sam. I've been sitting next to him and watching him type and pause to think. Lemme tell ya, it's a sad sad sight. Hopefully this guy will pass my approval test (very few do) but why would Rick waste his time for fun. It's his profession. Anywho, Saturday is his birthday, and Thursday (this thursday... before his birthday) is mine, so we've been planning a party for Friday since SEPTEMBER! Alicia asked him about it the other day and she then came to me complaining that he never even knew the date. *grumble* Slacker. I still have to figure the budget out, but it looks like we have eight guests coming. Here's who was invited
You may read this and think, that's nine people. You said eight. Idiot! YOUR MOM GOES TO COLLEGE XDDD.... anyway... Lexi can't come and Garrett will be late (as per usual). See... I'm not as dumb as Rick says I am. Hmmm.... he needs to be set up on a date.... not out of personal ads. I'm serious. I need to know if there are any gay/bisexual/single guys in Spokane Valley (he's not dating guys from Idaho or downtown Spokane.... just... no.) If there are, gimme an email at eclipseblade@yahoo.com. You must have the IQ above that of a kumquat or no fudge for you. My god, I'm advertising again... Rick... I don't care! EAT TEH FOOD!!!


<.< .... >.>


Here's Rick.

Well she forgot several people, that and I dont know, should i relay be rushing into a relationship again? Is it wise? Anyway, having more firends never hurts... Would he want to come to the party?


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