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Monday, August 15, 2005

Catching Up

Hello All-

So I was up really late last night (1:30 ish) not so good sense I go to work at 7:30... yup woke up at 7:00 and barly got out the door in time. Latly I've been really busy at work, a lot of hacker tracing... we got one of our customers that was spewing out trash today, Spokane Hardware, so thats done.. and someone tried to hack our email system, bastards.

I left a little early and took Justin to where he needed to go in the industrial park, tomorow is his last day. Im glad that he helped me get a job there. I just hope the company doesnt go bankrupt O.O. So yeah, got home and I think I took a short nap. Played with my brothers new PSP for a bit. I got to talk to sam on the phone tonight, I forgot how much I needed my grace.

She doesnt realize how inportant she is sometimes....

So then we proceded to replan the party that nathan completely fucked up, you kinda need to tell the people who own the house your gonna have it at. Small thought

So myspace has someof the details of the party.. I still have a lot to plan. I will do more tomorow. Tonight I have more work to do on the database. Always more to be done on the database. Once it works though... SO NICE ^.^ its a bitch to program though, never writen a real data driven application before... let alone a web based one!

Off to work, check back tomorow!


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