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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sadies... thuper

So, if you all already didnt know, I am indeed going to Sadie Hawkens. Yeah, I know. But I am excited, and the fact that Zack asked me makes him the chick! YES! Enough with that *snicker*, the fact is that I have to go get a form signed by good ol' Cow Valley. Basicly, even though CV and U-Hi are in the same freakin' district, I still need an "out of school" authorization form, even if they can look up my disapline record right on there computer. It's no big deal though, although the fact "Zack" is bringing "Rick" may rase a few eyebrows. It's cool though, we are taking a pair of girls, (No there not lesbians, even if thats what I first thought too!). I still have no idea whats going on this saturday, someone will figure it out I suppose. It's nice to have someone though, OH, later on I will tell you more about the 33.5 hour day, and the uber energy drink.


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