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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Like, ... two saturdays ago

OK, next day!
Saturday was interesting, although not so much in the morning. That was geting copies of my keys, grocries, and the like. Cleaning mostly so I wont dwell on this for long. The jist of the day was after 4:00pm. That was when the fun all began. I first tried calling Alicia, but she couldn't come. I wonder if she really even wants to anymore, or maybe she is just taking Sam's side to the issues that we have. Anyway, next person was Chritsy. Called at about 4:00, was at her house at 4:10, and left at 4:45. Girls... impossible. So we were later then I had hoped, and the fact that Paul had his little baptism thing come up. So no shopping for him. Ah, well. Well we showed up at River Park Square. We parked, and went inside. The first step was dinner; and it was good. Me and Brian ate at Panda Express, while Christy ate at Subway.
Then was the not so fun part. It was just me, Brian, and Christy shopping, and that wasn't near as fun without Paul. Recapping.... Okay... this thing's been lost, so I shall write it over and it shall be better. Wahahahaa..... errr... Anyway, this is being written long after said events, so I will be breif. So after dinner Zack stops by for just a minute before he heads to work to say hello to me, Christy, and Brian. She was mad that I got such a good one! Funny I know. But people were slowly arriving thourghout the evening. Sam was the first, we met her at the STA Plaza, and she was going to leave with Christy. Through using my finantial abilities, I was able to provide a way for everyone to stay and compete at Laserquest. So then Paul shows up, and we each get Starbucks, and walk to Laserquest. When we arrive Nathan and Co. walk in the door at the same time. We signed up for the long game, and then had to wait about an hour before it started, that was the point at which Sam first saw him. Anyway, we played out the game and had a great time, everyone else left at that point. Me and Jackson stayed for the next game, and I added something to "The Players Code", "I will not run, climb, jump, OR PRANCE!"
After that game, I Jackson drove me to River Park Square parking, and he was off. I was rather upset that it seemed that everything was locked, and I was without car! I got in as someone else was coming out. Drove home, and that was it.

Sorry about the lack of details, but it was a while ago.


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