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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


So it's time to report on the knowlege bowl comatition...
Yesterday I showed up to the school early and finished my corse recomendation form for winter quarter.  Ran into Sam in the counceling center and chated with her.  After school got out, it was on to Akins room.  We all gathered there and I was sent to go and gather the wings from my car.  I did so, and after some dorking around we were all off.  Bus ride to LC high school was boring... but oh well.  We arrived and got our schedule.  I was asked to Captin for JV1 due to only atending a single practice (Hey, give me a break, work was involved).  So I got to captin anyway, so that was nice.  We narowly won the first game... let me explain how close.  It was question 50, we were tied with the other team, and the question was something about the chromosome set created by two gametes.  We all rang in and the team that was poised to beat us was first, ... we were dead last.  Team A, incorrect, team B, incorrect.  It was our turn, I answered "diploid" which was the correct answer and we walked out with a win.  The second round ... well one of the teams didn't show anyway.  So that was by far an eaiser win.  Third round I was rotated onto varsity, this was gonna be fun, we played U-Hi.  It took the other teams forever to arrive.  We played and it was a close round, we came in second to U-Hi by a point.  So close.  Unfortuonate seing as that was the only round CV played that we didnt come in first.  Bringing our total day to 8 first places, 1 second, and no thirds.  Our rainking is currently highest with 17/18.  Go us!
Also, I should have an interesting afternoon, if he doesn't chicken out again... maybe I will tell you afterword.


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