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Sunday, October 09, 2005


Have you been "smittin"? The blissful feeling of curiosity and mystery? You know what it is... it's the begining of love, yet not love. I almost maintain its better then love for the sole reason that there are not limits. You can dream forever while in this state. I just want to hold it forever, and I know this sounds just stupid but hey. I've seen him 4 out of the past 5 days, and it's been magical sense the first moment. I just don't know though, he seems out of my league. To this point I have yet to see a single weekness or fault, which for an analytical person like me is damn impressive. All this while I sit with so many things that I need to work on myself. I am still mostly in shock of who this is... after all, running into someone from elementry school? Damn neer cracktastic. He is so great though, and all my friends agree as well. I don't understand but I was flooting on cloud nine as I drove home, singing to blaring music, and smiling for 30 minutes (yeah ... that hurts). I just don't know about it though... I'm sure I was far too forward when I gave him a little kiss before I left. I really shouldn't have done that because of him being at work and all, but it was one of those damn impulsive decisions. I just dont know though... if that was ok and all. I evedantly don't know much at this point... but thats why I love being "smittin"


  • Rick!!! You must tell me some details!!! I want to know what's happening...anyways email me or something...
    Ryan P.

    By Anonymous Ryan, at 10/10/05 10:42 PM  

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