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Saturday, November 26, 2005


Hello All-

This is going to be the end of me seriously... another night and its 3 in the morning ... I still cant get to sleep, worse then that, I cant focus on anything eather... just awake in an ADD state... its like hell. I'm still doing ok durring the daylight hours but its geting harder to focus... I beleve that I will serioulsy call and schedule an emergency apointment with Dr. Eckert before I go more nuts then I already am.

Right now is one of those lows.....

I seriously feel like crap,

Who would guess that a side effect of an antidepressent could be depression? Ironic isnt it?

Music: A new found glory - Catalyst
Work: MySpaceNG -- Metadata store and object serializtion... LabelCollection mostly done
Thougts: All over
TV: Off

I started crying about 15 minutes ago and just finished... and I dont know why

I feel like im losing it


  • Rick, please talk to your doctor. this obviously isn't helping you. You need something else. You need secular counseling, you might need different medication and you need to get out and enjoy life again. I'm way worried about you and I don't want you to lose it, kay?

    By Anonymous sam, at 28/11/05 3:59 PM  

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