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Saturday, December 17, 2005

November WinFX and Windows Vista 5231

So, I really shouldn't have been able to do this:

I was installing the newest (5231) build of Vista, and then the RTM of Visual Studio .NET

My next focus was ensureing that I could develop WinFX applications on the platform.

NOTE: It is confirmed that "Avalon" Runtime components are failing when on this build. I am unsure as to the other parts of WinFX, but the developement system for "Avalon" is working correctly.

When I went to install WinFX runtime, it errors out, and with a error in the log file like "Windows 'Avalon' MSI failed with error code 0x0000000".

I think to myself... well, what went wrong?

So, leaving the installer open as to keep the temp files ... and using the path of the log file to find them... I begin to browse, I opened the folder, and see the common "WCU" directory (thats Windows Component Update). Behold!!! I see WWF, WCF, WPF, dotNetFramework and WinFX directories!!! HORAY.

Opening the offecnding installer (Avalon, WPF) and running the MSI installer yields a 'Avalon' installer, so I install. Halfway through, I get an error about how key so-and-so could not be modified. Next step, regedit

I browse to the offending key, and open the permission entries. Its owned by SID-xxxxxx-xx-xxxx (Unknown User)... odd, and SYSTEM and Adminstrators have read only access. I reset owner to administrators group, removed the unknown user, and granted SYSTEM and Administrators write access. Alt-Tab to the installer and press 'Retry', goes off without a hitch! Then the WinFX installer goes fine, No problems were had with the SDK or Visual Studio tools though!


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