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Monday, October 10, 2005

Is there a term stronger then smittin?

Oh my... So I just realized that today is the first time that I havn't seen Zack sense wensday of last week, which is strange, but it's ok [Never mind, went and took him tea with Lainie]. I suppose that I should catch up a bit on this weekend, so I will try to go through it all. Friday... The first date. So Jackson gave me the responsibility of planning the feasco. Ask me how many dates I've been on lately... I'm just glad that Jackson offered to doubble. But now I had to plan for several people. I was so nervous... I left work early [~3:00 pm ish] and went to do several things LIKE PLAN, that was a big one... and I thouroughly cleaned the pridemobile. IT WAS SO CLEEN. Then I went home to make sure I didn't look like a slob. I went to get Jackson... and then we went to get Rhiana, and I pulled the COOLEST powerslide in the P.M. Then, I beleve it was that point that Jackson tells me that there may be another couple. Even better, Zack calls and anounces yet another! Also says he has only until 9:00, SAT's in the morning. So, RIGHTO! We pick up Zack and his friends, and I am welcomed by a short... yet pissed... girl, "You could give us some warning you konw! A phone call would be nice" or something to the like. We then pile into cars, and head to Red Robin. Jackson aparantly hasn't eaten there, so now he has. We got our table after me and Rhiana utterly sucked at video games. Bah. The other coupple was slightly late, but that was fine... we all had a nice dinner, and I spoke to the waitres as we were seeted, haha, I got the check... GO ME! After the eating, I proposed three possible activities. One, go to Roller Valley. Two, go to a movie and meet Jackson's other coupple. Or three, go downtown and ride the carosel. I beleve it's called the Louff, or something french like that. It was decided that we shall go forth to downtown Spokane! The happiest place on earth *cough, cough* RIGHT! But there were some major highlights. The hobo in the park was freaking funny. There was fire trucks and all. A grand dispaly I must say... Well anyway, the carosel closes at 8:00, not 9:00 as I had thought. Damn. So we tried to find Paul... and due to an error between "Big Easy", and "Fat Tuesdays", we were in such the wrong spot. So with time expiring quickly, we headed back to the car. Now here is where it got interesting. He tried to insist on paying for parking... right. He doesn't know me very well, and Jackson tried to warn him. So, the elevator... yeah, needless to say, I put the $10 back where it belongs. So what does he do? Places it on the window of my car, and I knew he did it, but I also knew it was ok... because I was begining to plot. I said my goodbyes, we hugged. And he was off. Leaving Jackson, Rhiana, and me to more miscevious things. We got gas, and tried to figure out how to spend the rest of our evening. It ended up involving procureing 14 lbs of Gummi Bears, a car, and a ton of licking. We were sticking them to the outside of the car SICKO! We performed this atack by the cover of night. And the reaction was priceless. We spent the evening just killing time with Briana, and Rouchelle. And we talked about Zack. This is the first time that I've been on a doubble date, and it's so nice that Jackson got to evaluate the guy himself. He and Rhiana gave there complete approval, but it didn't seem right. It has always been Sam that councels me. And its just strange I suppose, but I need not always be dependant on her for everything. Went home, grinning, and slept. The best evening ever.


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