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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Crazy people!

<wussupyall> a good blow job is all you would be good for....DONT FLATTER YOURSELF .......U HAVNT GOT MUCH TO BE PROUD OFTHERE
<almightylinuxgod> im sorry, you must have made some mistake, because people are more pollite then that
<wussupyall> u would make a good poster boy for....THIS IS A BRAIN ON DRUGS .....LOL
<wussupyall> see ya
<almightylinuxgod> if you have some concern with me, please conduct yourself in an approprite manner
<wussupyall> fuck u
<almightylinuxgod> certanly not
<wussupyall> dude u
<wussupyall> u are a lil freak go away
<wussupyall> and get off dope
<wussupyall> and cover that scronny body
<wussupyall> eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww
<almightylinuxgod> haha, if you wish to avoid speeking to me, dont speek to me
<almightylinuxgod> simple premice
<almightylinuxgod> and if yelling at me makes you feel better, take as much time as you need
<wussupyall> GO AWAY FUCK FACE
<wussupyall> U LIL DOWG
<wussupyall> DAWG
<wussupyall> U GROSS US OUT
<wussupyall> and u are verry pathetic to think u are so hot
<wussupyall> cause u most definatly are not
<wussupyall> u arent even cute
<almightylinuxgod> done or did you need more time?
<almightylinuxgod> righto! have a great night! ^.^
<wussupyall> go away


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