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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Taken, so I shal give!

I keep telling myself that I have to do this before I go to bed... I wanted to fall asleap about 8:00, when me and Zack said goodnight, but oh well... I do have much to write.

So there is a major change between when I woke up and me now. I now have a Boyfriend, and couldn't be happier. This guy is just great. No, like all girls (and gay men) should be jelous. This all came about when I visited Kassi and Zack at lunch today. We went mostly because Kassi has been so down lately, I feel for the girl, I really do and wish she would tell us whats wrong, but it's her choice. Before we ran into Zack, she asks the all important question, "Are you two... together?" and I didn't have an answer, and aparantly he didn't eather when she asked him earlier that day. Anyway, Zack was there too, *sigh*, that kid. We just had a quick chat amongst all of us, because Jackson had to get to his Math class... BAH, so I was forcably taken from U-Hi. Before I went though, I got some time to talk to him alone.
(The exact phrasings are almost garenteed to be incorrect)
Being the coy, shy person that I am, I stubled together the phrase "So people keep asking me this question, and probably you too... er, you know what I'm talking about?"
He replies "Yes, I think I do, but you should probably clarify, to make sure we are on the same page"
I just pushed ahead with, "Let's just assume you know... whats the answer?"
"To the question, 'Are we Boyfriends?', yes, I beleve we are" was his reply. I just wanted to hold him, It was so wonderful that he said yes, that the person that has so seriously peeked my interest would say yes. It was an all important moment I think. We embrassed, and kissed. It was perfect.
So I was forced out the door, but I was spoken for. How wonderful.
We hauled ass to the high school, and Jackson went to math, as I wandered the halls. I visited Mr. Winslow, and Mrs. Dufford, as usual. Then did something interesting. I went to seminary. I maintain that I wanted to see if it was me or the building that was going to catch on fire, but alas neither did. Sat there, and made snide comments durring the lesson, and left early. Jackson came, and we were off to U-Hi. We saw Kassi, and some guys, picked them up, and gave them a lift, then returned to find my boyfriend... it's wierd to say, after all it's been quite some time sense the whole Jesse thing. On our way in I found someone that I never expected. Rachel Finley. Queen bitch, but thats why I love her! Oh well, we got back and found him, (his car still has gummi bears on it!). It was so cute, how affectionate he was and all, but I think it may have gotten to Kassi. We will see what happens here. Anyway, after spending quite some time at the high school with Tyler and Eian, Jackson and Kassi were totaly freaked out. They don't handle Zack's friends well, which is really sad. But it has to do with seriously different backgrounds.

I took Kassi home, she needed to, and we met at Albertsons, where I'm not sure what happened but Zack's friends were gone. We made dinner plans, and then piled in the pridemobile, went and droped Jackson off at home, and then hit the mall. I could tell that Zack was tired, but he was making an effort to be enerjetic, it was fun to watch. So he bought the same rainbow shoelaces as I have, we walked a little and were off. There was some guy in the parking lot that flipped us off, we were just holding hands.... bastard. Honestly these people, dang!
He put on his new lases as we went back to the Albertsons, where his car was parked, he held my hand, and made a decent atempt to fall asleap on my sholder. So we got back, he kissed me, and I melted. He had to leave, mom wanted him home at 6:00, so off he went. He was going to try to come to dinner with me and Rachel, but that fell through. So I had dinner with Rachel, it was strange, like a Heterosexual date. Bleh, I talked with her for some time, she is doing the military thing and such, but I explaned my dad's hickishness to her, she thought that was quite funny. For those of you who dont know my dad, here's a scary visual.

My dad's truck
1996 Ford F-250 Deseal Power Stroke with Turocharger
Quad cab, short box body.
Two gun racks in the cab, with a total capasity of 5 rifles, two overhead, and 3 behind
A CB radio, with two large antenna's mounted on the vehicle.
A truck bed toolbox
Radar Detector
AC Inverter
Mudflaps with "Peaterbuilt" on them

Vivid enough?

So yeah, dinner was quite good, and Rachel was off. After she left I tried to call Zack back, but to no answer, so I parked in the church parking lot and thought, for quite some time, just in the dark looking at the sky, then I begain to write, for my sake... and it came out a letter. A letter that was just how I felt, nothing more or less, then I sat more, and decided as to wether or not I should deliver such letter. I didn't see a problem with it, so I did. Thus under the conver of night, I rolled into his driveway with the lights off, and went to place the letter at the front door. It wouldn't stick!!! I was sure that someone was gonna come out and discover me trying to place this stupid note on the door, so I left it on the doorknob. Bleh. And went home. It was just some drudgery, then Zack called. I missed the call, but called him right back, he was calling to say goodnight. So I directed him to the front door, and to my note, then promptly said goodnight and got him off the phone. Will be interesting to see what happens, I BSed all night on the internet and such I took great joy in changing my MySpace profile from "single". It shouldn't have been as fun as I made it but oh well. Love this blog thing. And thought of him. I hope to see him tomorow again, and so I wrote all this.

Interesting fact, Today (Oct 11th) is national "coming out day", so thats a spiffy anaversery if I ever heard of one!

Night all, And this was just one day!


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