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Sunday, October 16, 2005

AP Euro

So I'm writing at 6 AM because I didn't do it last night and I missed several phone calls too.  I'm sorry everyone, the bed was just comfy, but perhaps I should talk about yesterday.

So the morning was just another day at school and such, not all that interesting.  I went to drop Jackson off at high school, and then made a last minute decision to go to U-Hi, (that’s right, I flipped a U turn on Sullivan).  I just wanted to see him during lunch and all, but somehow ended up staying longer.  I saw Kassi and Kami too.  I've been told that there kind of freaked out and all about this.  I assume that they will just cope later.  I stayed with him during lunch, and interestingly enough... attended AP Euro.  It’s just strange that the teacher would even allow me to attend her class, but I enjoyed it.  Rather just wanted to be near Zack.  After class got out, we headed to the Choir room, and he played the piano.  Practicing for some kind of concert, he was rather good, especially for claiming to have not practiced.  I got to serve as a page turner, *sigh*, but it was rather funny when the Choir teacher asked where I got my jacket, apparently, all Choir teachers are just Metro, like Mr. Musatko.  I find it all to be an odd occurrence.
After stopping and tending to several more of Zack's responsibilities, we took Tyler home... now here's the good part.  So we are driving along, and I'm in shotgun (thank you Tyler) and Zack is driving, and we find that we are directly behind a school bus.  Zack impulsively waves at the child in the back and he shoots us the peace sign... spiffy kid, but then I lean over and give my boyfriend a kiss on the cheek.  What was priceless was this, the child's expression never changed; he was still smiling.  What does he do?  He simply gives us a thumb down.  God it was funny!  Dropped off Tyler, and then went to Office Depot, copy time!  It was a lot of copies, and you would think that two teenagers with high IQs would have been masters of the copy machine, and we did get it figured out, it just took a bit.  It was just great spending time with him, and the copy lady was so funny, she noticed the matching laces on our shoes, and asked us about the people staring at us.  We shrugged that off, and we were off, Zack was quite late to his tutoring session (what, he is the tutor, what were you thinking).  He dropped me off and I was on my way.  After arriving home, and taking a short break, I get a message from Neil saying, "Sam’s on her way", you see, I had been ignoring her earlier.  So just as she comes to pick me up my mom says "I think there is something you want to tell me..." and then the doorbell rings.  I hate those words, and wanted to just hug Sam for perfect timing.  I guessed what it was about (my mom) and it was a conversation that I was not looking forward too, not at all.  So Sam arrives, and we go to the Liberty Lake elementary school, she wants to play on the swings.  It’s a long talk that is really personal, so I won’t really go into it.  Needless to say, were getting things figured out.


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