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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Catching up and all!

So it has been a while sense I have given you all a good long update on how I am and everything I am doing. So, Zack ... yes. I am very excited to get to see him as often as I do. I just think it's funny that I am writing this from the Seminary building, and this why I am so distracted, and why this post is so incoheriant. Also, any errors are due to the fact that I am writing this without looking at the keyboard. Anyway, I am just staying until I can get out to see Zack at his lunch, then off to work. I really need to get some different stuff done for work, and really to get it done TONIGHT. Thats ok though... enough babble, story time; I have two.

First Story.
So I beleve that it was tuesday that me and Zack wasted quite a bit of time at Hastings. I had come right after work to meet him and Tyler there. After ariving, and giving him the customary hug, we began searching the music. More spicificly, we were looking for "Angry Choir Music". Interesting I know. Well anyway, the hunt was on. We looked all over that store for the music of desire. Needless to say, we never found it, but thats not the interesting part. The interesting parts of the evening were when Tyler was trying to bribe me and Zack to go make out in front of the Christian book club. It seemed that Zack didn't need to be paid, but we didn't end up doing it... as evil and funny as it would have been. Anyway, sense our quest for "Angry Choir Music" was defeeted by the invintory system at Hastings, the next search was for Barbershop Quartet music. We did eventualy find this, although the total time spent in the store was something like an hour and a half. We said our goodbyes and I had to go and pick up the laptop that I left at work.
Ok, I told you that story to tell you this one... and rather then starting from scratch, I will simply retype the text message that I sent to Zack.
"You will never believe this. So it's 11:30, I just got out of class. I'm standing in the hallway talking to a friend, and this guy walks up and asks, 'Are you the one that was looking for angry choir music?' I stared at him dumfounded for a moment, then realized that it was the clerck from Hastings. I simply answered, 'No, that was my Boyfriend, but I was with him.' He laughed and was off, although the person I was talking to was taken aback."

Story Two:
So last night I saw him again, I was talking to him on the phone, and was just coming back from being with Sam and Nathan, when I just found that I drove to his house. By the time I get there I simply say on the phone 'There is a very sneeky Hyundai in your driveway', dead silance on the other end of the phone. He says something like, 'No way', and tells me he will be out in a second. It was so funny... he tried to sneed all the way around the grauge but I saw him cross, and hes not very sneeky quiet, so I caught him. Anyway, we stood there and talked, and I was interested to find out how I fared on his list of things he wants in a boyfriend. I know that you all may think thats stupid, but I really like him, and have to make sure that he likes me. Anyway, I couldn't even remember the last two items anyway, but now that I have access to this list again, I will let you all know.

  • Intelegance greater then that of a spoon
  • Cute
  • Ability and/or Desire for commitment
  • Secure with himself
  • Honest
  • Cares about others

Hmm, its his to decide I suppose. I wish he wrote.


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