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Friday, August 13, 2004

Drama Queen Continued

Well I just finished trying to braid Lane's hair. It just wasn't supposed to be. So the career path of a gay hair dresser is not the career that I will find myself pursuing. OMG, apparently women's breasts are lopsided. That was a small overshare. Well I am so happy that we managed to get Lainie out of bed and we biked over to Sams house. I read the fist chapter of Sam's book. She is a talented writer, and I really enjoy watching her write this. Lainie is being bossy, bah. I DOWNLOADED QUEER AS FOLK, yippie!

Drama Queen

Hello all,

I am now over at my friends Sam's

Hi! This is Sam! I am being harassed to go upstairs and get hair things, but I don't want to, so I won't....

Fine... I will. I'm going to kill lainie first.... I'll throw a banana at her or something... ><

This is Lainie. Shut the fuck up, Sam.

This is really Sam, now. tug tsi eseaK. That was backwards.

ooooooooooh...... funkay!

Rick is doing Lainie's hair.