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The words are just like ... words, I guess.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Seminary sucks ass

I love not going to school until 12:30, too bad only one week of it. But yeah, I love the class I TA, its so much fun! After that I have seminary, with Garrett, whom non of you all have met, but I recently told about my sexuality... he reacted FAR better then I ever expected. But yea, about seminary, one more stab at gays and I'm just gonna walk out. Two years of psycological beetings is plenty dont you think? But me and Sam asked Garrett his thoughts on Nate, whom Sam and I strongly beleve is gay. Its gay-dar, you cant explain it, you just know... Garrett is infinatly too straght to understand that one. Oh and his girlfriend thought this was all funny, "no wonder I liked him so much" is how I think it was phrased. But I wish all that stuff I wrote in my journal were here on this site. Its my plan to write a good deal in it then allow brother Toth to read it. Some people will think this is stupid but maybe he knows what to do, maybe there is some way to "fix" me? Garrett, Sam and I are biking in the morning. I so love biking. Friends make it good too. Oh and Sam assulted me about my confidence. Absolutly frightning. She thinks too high of me in my opinion. FIRST OFF, I'm not atractive, so there Sam, its on my blog. Take it and put it where you please!

Some are like water, some are like the heat.
Some are a melody, and some are the beet.

Some are straght and some are gay.
Is there a way to change though?