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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Preperations for the move...

It seems that the official word on the move to Boston is in the final stages. There should be an official letter in my hands by monday.

As the time grows closer I'm trying to determine weather I should make the move or try to make a new career in the city of my choice. Nothing wrong with Boston, just that I'm slightly disenchanted with my job as of late. That and having taken 5 months to make any progress on my job offer sets a scary precedent for how the remainder of my career at NASDAQ may go. The good news is that it sounds like I'm not being directly targeted, but rather just another victim of NASDAQ HR.

Other then that, I'm feeling fine now... Though I should be watching my health extensively after my recent trip to the emergency room.

I'm putting in a lot of time to try to catch up to the time that I lost through the week, and I'm actually making some strides. We've made progress towards an automated deployment system. Hopefully this will reduce/eliminate the issues that would occur during the deployment of the next version of the platform. Also, it should make installation of DirectorsDesk on a clean system as simple as grabbing the build of the software you'd like to use and away-it-goes!

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