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Sunday, March 23, 2008

All the Moments I Can Get

I know that I'm just going to end up hurting more then before, but even so...

I hope I can make you feel that no matter what, your loved by me and that someone out there is always thinking about you. Maybe there may be a day when lightning will even strike twice.

The fact is though, that because I love you, I just have to protect you from making poor choices, even if I want to make them with you. Probably also protecting myself, but then again, maybe I'm OK with being venerable.

Every message and phone call is so precious; I value every one. Every moment I steal away, those glances, and even the brief moments when I share your touch, its still electrifying after all this time.

Even so, all I can do is sit back, see what you do, and ensure that if you ever wanted to try again, I'd have the logistical capability to do so. I miss telling you that I love you...



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